Taxi WARNING!!!!

Taking a cab is one of the most comfortable, faster and convenient way to commute. One can be picked up from one point and will be dropped off to their destination. For call center agents and other people working at night its a common thing to take a cab. As a call center agent, I have taken several disappointing cab rides. There are those cab drivers that will take a long route or insisting on longer route claiming its faster, or to avoid TRAFFIC? I hate those cab drivers who will proactively asked for 50.00 pesos more… Hello? For those drivers that complains about traffic? What the… Nowadays… traffic is a common thing and since they are always on the road they should not complain about that its part of their job. There are those who will ask for your destination then will say something negative… like its to far then they will ask for additional payment – which ranges from 20.00 pesos- 50.00, and if you won’t agree they will not let you in. During rush hours is the worst time for a cab ride its better to take a bus, fx, MRT, tricycle or other means of public transportation than taking a taxi. Those taxi drivers are aware that most of the commuters are desperate to get a ride and they will name their price, which is usually 100%-200% more than the rate if they will use the taxi meter,  just to drive you to your destination.  There are cab drivers who are taking drugs to stay up, so you have to be observant. If you sense anything wrong about his driving call the taxi driver’s attention. But if nothing happens get out of the cab, your safety is more important.

Before getting in a cab make sure that you have some change so that you can pay the driver the exact amount. Cab drivers usually does not give any change. When you  look at the face of the taxi driver when your get in a cab make it a point to take note of the taxi’s name and plate number. Make sure you lock the doors.

It has been said that there might be some taxi fare increase. The flag-down will increase from 30.00 pesos- 40.00, and instead of 2.50 pesos- 3.50 pesos for every 250 meters or for every two minutes of waiting time.

If they will increase the taxi fare please do not tolerate abusive taxi drivers, report them not only through texting or calling the DOTC hotline. You may ask them to drop you off in front of an MMDA any traffic enforcer then report them immediately.

Report abusive taxi drivers —  refusing to accept a passengers – asking for additional charges or fixing the price refusing to use the taxi meter.

LTO: Report abusive taxi drivers –, Philippine News for Filipinos.

Campaign vs abusive taxi drivers on | Sun.Star Network Online.

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